Fiddler v1.1.9

Microsoftによる Proxy 型の HTTP デバッガ Fillder のバージョンが 1.1.9 に上がったようです。変更点点は Fiddler HTTP Debugger - Version Info によると

Added QuickExec box (Hit Alt+Q)
IPv6 Literal Support
Support for request chunking
Performance Report improvements
Web-Test Export Bugfixes
ImageViewer improvements (e.g. Middle+Click to dump image to desktop)
Added FontSize to Options dialog
Added lightweight Request Form viewer
Added HideOnMinimize option
Created ExecFiddlerAction.exe for use by command line tools wishing to drive Fiddler
Added actResumeAllSessions()
Added "GetTokenValue" to HTTPHeaders object
Dozens of miscellaneous bugfixes